Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Survey for You: Is It Time, In Your Recovery, To Find Your Life Purpose?

Here is the survey I promised to send you on whether it is time to find your life purpose. Fill it out and send it back to me with your contact information. I'll be in touch so we can review the results together!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recovery is a lifelong journey. With that fact, come the ups and downs of life, the ins and outs, the good and the bad. Sometimes it is great. Sometimes it sucks. There are times when a recovering person wants to use and other times when using would never cross their mind. And yet, by simply not picking up the substance, food, or unhealthy behavior, the recovering individual lives to see another day of recovery and another chance to live life on a higher level, one day at a time.

When the Big Book says "trudging the road to happy destiny" it means just that. Sometimes, it's a real trudge. Nothing seems to be working and so many seemily easy and simple things seem hard, if not impossible to get done.

Still, we trudge. We move forward, putting one foot in front of the other, stringing together days, weeks and months of increasingly sane and healthy behavior. And what comes out of it? Sometimes the benefits show up immediately and sometimes they take a very long time to appear.

But as long as we continue, they do come. The promises do happen.

There can come a time in recovery, however, when 'beyond our wildest dreams' still doesn't seem like enough and we don't quite know why.

When that happens, it might be time to go within again. To renew our spiritual connection and deepen our step work. Or, if these things are strongly in place and yet we want more, maybe it's because there is more on the path that we are supposed to be experiencing as recovering beings.

One option is to look into finding the true purpose for which we were born and to pursue and manifest it with all of the strength and vigor within us. This blog is dedicated to the purpose path in recovery. To talking about the possibilities and challenges taking this path can bring.

Join us tomorrow for more on this path, when we begin with a survey about how you might figure out if the life purpose path is for you!

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