Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life Just Before and Just After Enlightenment - What's Required

As a young person, I thought getting enlightened would mean the end of my worries and troubles. That I would be in bliss all of the time and nothing would bother, worry, or trouble me. Yet, I met, read about and heard about enlightened beings who still suffered and had imperfections – how could that be?

I sought out religion, thinking that relationship with God through a specific dogma would solve my problems. Over time, I learned that dogma is not a cure, but that a structure can be helpful to growth or stunting, depending on whether we use it to hide from our problems or to uncover and deal with them; that attaching to the outer dogma without working on inner change can be just another way to hide from our own areas in need of healing and growth.

Then, I was introduced to the 12 steps and thought that once I accepted my powerlessness over people, places and things and worked the steps, nirvana would be reached. Indeed, the steps did and do continue to provide the key to overcoming addictions and codependency, but addiction switching can be rampant and so, repeated working of the steps is required to go back again and again to powerlessness in order to emerge more empowered.

Over time, in my 12 step work, I began to understand what it says in the AA text about “Spiritual Awakening” most usually being gradual. I got it that the path is often fraught with continued challenges. It dawned on me that the need to keep practicing spiritual principles of living in order to grow in spiritual awakening means that the journey can at times be more of a “trudge” than a joy. And I continue to ‘get’ the value of treading and retreading this path in order to grow stronger spiritually.

I’d always wanted to find my purpose, and thought that when I did, life would be perfect. And, indeed, finding and living my purpose has brought me a sense of peace in areas of my life that were previously fraught with discontent. Yet, in travelling the purpose path, I’ve found that staying on the path involves looking deeper within to bring all of my ego parts into harmony with my purposeful life if I want to live even most purposefully. Yet another take on what I’d been learning all along.

So, recently, when I found the book The End of Your World: Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of Enlightenment by Adyashanti at my local bookstore, I picked it up to see if I might find some insights on what this journey is about, how it occurs, what to expect and where I am along the path. In this book, I found the opportunity to go deeper in my own understanding of what it means to awaken and to become more motivated to pursue the inner work regardless of what is going on around me. By writing about everything I’ve learned along the paths I’ve travelled and describing experiences I’ve had and hope to have in the future, the author helped me integrate a lifetime of learning and living in just 216 pages.

So many of us on the growth path find that no matter how far we seem to get, there seems just so much further to go. Others ‘bliss out’ and ignore the growth still to be attained, and in doing so may miss the potential for even greater spiritual growth and fulfillment. And here is a book that speaks to the journey in a clear, down to earth way that really pulls together all of the disparate pieces of life in our time for people determined to awaken as well as those who have and might not even know it...

If these ideas touch you, or if the concept intrigues you, I recommend the book. And if you do read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts, your journey, your insights.

All the best,
Beverly A. Buncher, MA, CEC, LTPC
Family Recovery Coach
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life Purpose as the Next Step on The Recovery Path!

Do you ever wonder why you specifically are here on this planet at this time in history?

Over time, sometimes recovery is just not enough. Of course, conquering the inner demons that at one time conquered us, brings with it a sense of rightness about life, a sense of connection to something bigger than our small selves. But, asking if that's all there is, is only natural.

After all, recovering from the addiction itself and overcoming the wounds of the past is only meant to be the beginning of a strong purposeful life in recovery. But, what exactly that means, is very unique to each individual. After many years of working a recovery program, I reached a point of often asking myself: Why am I here? What specifically am I meant to contribute?

At a certain point, I came in contact with an opportunity to get specific, detailed answers to these questions and I grabbed it! The results have added a depth to my life and work that I had previously only hoped was possible!

In my case, I found out that I am here to help people in recovery get their life purpose questions answered. To help people whose lives were or are being affected by their own or someone else's addiction get tools to recover themselves, coupled with clear inner knowing about their own specific destiny on this planet.

This inner understanding is what brings me to the work I do as author, developer, and teacher of the Four Foundations of Family Recovery, as teacher of Life Purpose in Recovery workshops, as life coach to people struggling to find their way through their own or someone else's addictive nightmare, or looking to find their life purpose.

Waking up to this realization of my own life purpose, opened my ears and eyes to the details of how to go about reaching out to those I am meant to help and what to do with them once I find them.

It led me to see that Life Purpose is truly the "next step" on the recovery path, as the knowing of one's own specific life purpose is about fulfilling one's destiny fully as a recovering human being.

Since beginning my journey as a teacher and coach of this process of helping people find their life purpose in recovery, I have watched recovering people around me build the businesses of their dreams, change careers, add depth to their family lives and make inner changes that have taken their recovery to levels previously only imagined!

I'd love to have the opportunity to take you on this journey of finding your specific Life Purpose in Recovery!

If you are a 12 stepper, not only with you get detailed information about why you are here and what you are meant to contribute. Just as importantly, going through this process will deepen your experience of steps 3, 6, 7, and 11 as you get to know your Higher Power on a deeper level and come into harmony with the ego parts that may have, up until now, kept you back from getting your life to the next level of fulfillment, meaning and purpose.

If this sounds like a mystery worth unraveling, keep reading this blog, and if you'd like, let's talk! I'm available to you by phone at 786 859 4050 or email at .

It's my mission to help you find your life purpose as the next step on your recovery path. Join me to explore what that really means!

By the way, if you are related to an addict or alcoholic and want to thrive regardless of what is happening in their life, but just can't seem to do so, join my next Teleseminar series of The Four Foundations of Family Recovery which will begin on Thursday, October 21, 2010 from 5-6:30 PM ET. Whether already on the recovery path or trying to figure out if there's any help for you in seeking recovery, you will benefit greatly from participation - and potentially, so will your addict! Find out what others are saying about the course and register yourself at and go to the link '4 foundations of recovery'. And feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

See you there!

All the best,

Coach Bev

Beverly A. Buncher, MA, CEC
Family Recovery Coach
Author of the forthcoming book and ongoing courses on:
The Four Foundations of Family Recovery: Simple Ideas to Turn Chaos to Sanity
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Find Your Purpose This Summer - TeleSeminar Begins in July!

"What is my life purpose?"

"Why am I here?"

Are YOU ready to find your way?

Are you...
  • affected by your own or someone else's addiction?
  • past the crisis stage?
  • ready to find and live your unique purpose?
What is being offered: Life Purpose in Recovery TeleSeminar: A True Purpose Course based on the teachings of Tim Kelley.

Where it will be held: Over the phone from the comfort of your own home; use a conference dial-in to be a part of the group each week!

When it will be held: The week of July 12th (exact dates and times to be agreed upon by participants)

Why you will want to participate: Because you are ready, willing, and yearning to:
  • Know who you really are at your core
  • Find out what difference you are meant to make in this world
  • Gain the tools and inner strength to be and do what you are meant to do in a big way
  • Have access to the deeper spiritual connection promised by the 12 step programs on a regular, reliable basis
  • Experience the "promises of the program" on a much deeper level
Cost (can be paid in 1, 2, or 4 payments):
Early Registration before June 30: $424 
Regular Price:  $599 
Register early for a savings of $175!

Class includes:
  • Nine 90 to 12 minute tele-classes
  • One 60-90 minute one-on-one coaching sessions
Instructors: Beverly Buncher and Beth Scanzani, two licensed True Purpose coaches with the experience and expertise to take you through this process with ease! In addition to their expertise in the True Purpose field, both Bev and Beth are graduates of iPEC School of Coaching and Certified Energy Leadership Coaches. Plus, Bev is an experienced, trained Family Recovery Coach and Beth is a certified Dream Coach. Together, they provide you with an experience that will take your recovery to the next level! 

Scroll down to register for Life Purpose in Recovery TeleSeminar NOW:

Payment Options

For more information: 
Contact Bev Buncher
Office: 786 859 4050

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tired of Seeking? Ready to Find?

Are you tired of being a seeker and ready to actually find what it is you are looking for?

How would you like to discover your unique destiny and gain tools to receive and act on a flow of personal information and strategies that have the potential to transform your life!

Join Beth Scanzani and me, Beverly Buncher, as we take you on a journey of self discovery into your unique life purpose. 

Beginning the week of June 14th,  join us as we take a small group of life purpose seekers on a 10 week tele-journey (including 1 free individual coaching session at the end) to find their True Purpose! As licensed True Purpose coaches, we will guide you to find out the answers to the deepest questions you have…questions like:
·         Why am I here?
·         What am I meant to do?
·         How am I meant to contribute?
·         How do I make it happen?
·         What am I to learn from the way my life has been going and where do I go from here?

You will gain this information from methods that call upon your life experience as well as deeper sources of wisdom…and the tools you will learn will be yours for the rest of your life!

Coaching works best when it gives the client skills that will last well beyond the coaching sessions.

Going through this process of finding YOUR life purpose will do just that: Give you tools for a lifetime of deeper, more fulfilling living.

Space for this course will be extremely limited, so if that sounds good to you, give me (Bev) a call today!

Not sure if you are ready for this work? Here is a survey  on whether it is time to find your life purpose. Fill it out and send it back to me with your contact information. I'll be in touch so we can review the results together!

Until then,

Click Here to take survey

Beverly Buncher
True Purpose Coach
786 859 4050

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why Are You In This Life? What Are You Meant To Contribute?

Are you looking for a way to get the real scoop on why you are in this life and what you are meant to contribute?

Have you done extensive inner work, yet you still yearn for greater detail to move you forward in the direction of your dreams? 

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Join  me, Beverly Buncher, as I take you on a journey of self discovery into your unique life purpose. 

Uncover your own destiny and gain tools to receive and act on a flow of personal information and strategies with the potential to transform your life!

Here are some of the ways you can find your unique life purpose by working with me:

1. Start with a complimentary consult! During this free 60 to 90 minute appointment, you will sample my coaching style, learn about the different ways I can work with you to help you reach find your purpose, and determine if working with me will work for you.

2. Set up a 3 session class or private consult during which you will discover the patterns and themes leading to your purpose, based on evidence from your own life experience. This beginning provides an overview of the program and an entrée into:
 a.  private coaching that lasts as long as it takes for you to find your purpose or 
 b.  group coaching that will teach you the entire set of tools to find and begin to live your purpose! 
You may find the 3 sessions to be just what you need, or only the beginning of a wonderful journey into the world of purposeful learning that you will want to continue through a True purpose class or private sessions. 

3. Sign up for a True Purpose class. Join others on this journey who work with me  over a 10 week period to find their purpose. Enjoy the interchange of sharing life purpose information with others as I work with all of you to find your purpose! This 12 session program, like all of my life purpose classes and individual sessions, will allow you to learn the True Purpose method of finding your life purpose, based on my teacher and colleague Tim Kelley's work as shared in his book True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Contribution You Are Meant to Make.This book is the textbook all of my clients use as they work through the method with her and is available for purchase through along with additional information about the True Purpose method of Life Purpose work. 

4. Work with me as an individual client. Finding one's purpose privately with a coach will afford you the individual attention and help that some people much prefer! 

For more information on how you can jumpstart your voyage into finding and living YOUR unique life purpose, call me, Beverly Buncher today at 786 859 4050 or drop me an email at .

Check out my writings on recovery in my other two blogs at:

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