Monday, March 28, 2011

Make Your Living Doing Your Purpose! Join The Call Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone!
Well, tomorrow's the day! Have you
registered yet? Unless you're using your
blessing in every possible business
situation, it will be great if you do!
Your blessing can create transformation
for others and provide income for you
in a variety of ways.

Although The True Purpose Institute has helped
thousands of people connect to a trusted source
and learn about their blessing, we've noticed
that most of them use it rather tentatively.
They tend to do it in one-on-one settings,
if at all, and don't sell it boldly and directly.
Some of this is from permission issues;
some is lack of understanding of all
the other options.

If you'd like to expand your impact, manifest
your purpose more powerfully and make more
money from it, join us! We'll send you some
tips to help you organize your blessing and
get some permission in advance of the call.

WHAT: Working call about turning your
blessing into a business
DATE: Tuesday, March 29, 2011
TIME: 3-4:30pm PDT, 5-6:30pm Colombia,
6-7:30pm EDT
COST: None!

If you already registered, you don't need to
do anything. I'm very excited to attend this
call which my colleagues Tim Kelley,
Audrey Seymour and Beth Scanzani will be
leading. The True Purpose Institute has never
done a call like this before, and we don't
know when we'll do one again! We're hoping
that helping people to make more money from
their blessing will create more powerful
change agents and raise the consciousness of
our entire community.

See you on the call tomorrow!

Bev Buncher,
Certified True Purpose Coach


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